Thursday, January 12, 2012

The first marriage proposal...

Thought you might be interested in this first marriage proposal. The one I actually didn't get, till after the second one. :)  Chris, wrote the following in his personal notes on Thanksgiving Day 2011.  Now there's a part two to this, which I'll have to share next.  And all of this was going on his head, while I was in Arizona fretting that Chris was really working on a "five-year plan" like he kept telling me.

Megan:  I want you to know that I wrote this the Monday after we met for the first time Monterey so this has been on my mind for a while...
You make life wonderful and easy.  When I'm with you I can be just me. The real me. The relaxed me that doesn't fear anything or want anything(except to laugh). Who only cares who I'm with and not where I am. From the first hug in the Monterey airport to the first kiss 2 days later, you have put my soul at ease. I have talked about a love like ours many times, to many people over many years. But until I met you those words held little significance to me.
So now in front of friends and family on this day of celebration I can only think of one thing to make it better. 
Megan Schaub, I love you. You make me such a better man. I cannot think of a day for the rest of my life that you are not in. Nor do I want to. I want you to be my wife from now until eternity. Will you marry me?

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