Thursday, November 17, 2011

My life changed forever in one hug

I realized tonight that I'm going to have to step this up, if ya'll are going to stick around till the end, cuz we've got so much more to tell.  In fact, Chris is having so much fun writing everything down that he's still writing about what's happened in the days since I returned back to Arizona (4 days ago).  We've hit a few more milestones in our relationship the past few days.

Today's memorable/milestone moment came when I accidentally texted Ben, one of Chris's best friends, instead of Chris and let's just say that I took Ben and I's relationship to a whole different level *sheepish grin* [thanks, BEN!].  So life is still crazy, squeezing time in for each other, while trying to live in the "real world".  No one every told me what a challenge this aspect of this type of relationship would be.  I'd love to just bag it all and sit down and talk to Chris all day, but alas that's not possible. So we'll settle for constant contact via text, FB and cell phone -- I have NO idea how you people courted before the advent of modern technology.

So back to our story...tonight it's all about Chris.  I'll save my version for tomorrow.


We set the date as Veterans Day weekend and by the end of our next 2 conversations we were 3 weeks away from a life changing weekend. The talks soon turned to Monterey and what we are going to do. Megan's inner-planner was freaking out because I was closed lipped about what I had planned. In truth I had nothing planned.  I wanted to let the Spirit guide me. He hasn't let me down so far. We talk about schooling and life and Halloween parties (I was excited to see her pictures from the Halloween party at her place and I was not let down. It looked like soooo much fun.) As the days approached everything got very surreal I was excited to see her. I would now like to reserve a few paragraphs on how excited I was... starting now.

I was job interviewing in LA a week before Megan was scheduled to come out to see me. I was interviewing for a job in Orange County and spending the weekend with my friends in the LA area. The job offer was given to me but LA is not the place for me so I am not going to take it. But the real story is that AT&T cell service is not available in LA so I couldn't really text or talk to Megan. Normally this would not have bothered me but I have grown into wanting to here her voice. She is my drug. I am addicted to the calm she brings to my life. I feed off her positivity and honestly I value everything she says to me because it comes from such a pure heart.

So I went around LA not feeling the Spirit, missing talking to Megan, missing my friends, but still having a fabulous time with those I was with, but it wasn't home. I felt secluded and I didn't like it. Which is why I am not taking the job because I feel I will be so far from the ones I love even if they live right near me. I don't like the feel of that city so I am not going, but more than that I didn't like not having Megan in my life, even for 3 days. I didn't like the no contact. I didn't like foing to sleep at night not feeling relaxed, and not telling her about my day. It wasn't right. I guess that is why I have such an appreciation and want for her. Because my nights don't end right, if they don't end with her voice.

Ok, so LA was a bust, but then I got home and had 4 days to plan for her arrival. Amanda (who should tell you this story better than me) told me I needed to WOW her. That this is possibly the last first date I will ever have and I needed to give her all of me with both barrels. Amanda has been a constant in my life, has helped me find myself and she loves me like her brother, so I trust her with sooo much in my life. I agreed that I needed to do something great.

Now I will not tell of the plans I had originally, for several reasons: 1) we did not do them, and 2) I want to eventually use them so I don't want to ruin the surprise when the do happen. Just know that they were awesome.

But then life hit when I was making plans. I had everything going that Thursday i took care of the last plan and ready to go.  I went to bed Thursday night ready for Friday and the day I get to see her and get my first hug. You need to remember that I am a hugger so if we ever meet.. there will be a hug, or a very frim hand shake.

This ends Thursday and Friday is about to begin.

Day 1: Sure I have time. Megan doesn't get into until noon.

So Friday morning, my best friend since I was like 5 (I have several best friends, if you haven't figured that out yet, but this one is my oldest friend and honestly is more of a brother than anything else. But I digress, back to the story) Ben, the friend, called me several times at 7am to get me to pick him up from work (he works for Monterey police and works graveyard). I pick him up and my car start making a know this isn't going to end well. We got to Salinas (about 25 miles away) and I have a flat tire and a low tire. By the way my car at this point had 20 in rims (aka Dubs) and low profile tires. So I get the spare on, get Ben home and get to the tire shop. The first tire shop. I say first because there was 2 shops in this situation. 

The first tire shop pretty much says that I am screwed. The second one agreed and I had to dump almost $2000 into new tires for the car.  Now lets really set the stage.

Just to recap :

7:00 am – I’ve been awaken by Ben's call for a ride because he has car problems. Megan flies in at noon. I figured I have 5 hours I can take care of Ben. I’ll have plenty of time to come back and shower and get ready for the day.

7:45 am - Two flats. It’s ok. I can get this changed and I am out the door home by 10. I’ll  be fine.

9:30 am - I am at the second tire shop and they have to order the tire. It will be there in the afternoon, all is welll. Great, I can get back, shower and pick up Megan then come back and get my tires fixed. I hope she understands.

10:15 am:
        Mike (the tire guy):  "Chris come out here"
        Me (Chris): "oh crap"
        Mike: "You see this [points to the rim]. It’s bent. You need a new rim.”
        Me: "Great..cost?"
        Mike: "Well, one rim is about $400."
        Me: "One? How many do I need?"
        Mike: "2 rims are bent and you need new sensors."
        Me: *facepalm* "So what are my options?"
        Mike: "Let’s talk new tires and rims."
        Me: *shaking my head* "Well there goes my shower."

11:30 am - Car is fixed. Megan's flight lands in 30 minutes and I am a lot lighter in the wallet. So I drive to Monterey airport to pick her up.

12:05 pm: My life changed forever in one hug.

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