Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco

Does San Francisco really need an introduction?  Let's just say that Chris changed my mind about the City by the Bay.


We hit San Francisco. Now SF is my home. I love that city. I love everything about it. I have so much fun there but I could never live there again. I have put it on a pedestal and if that image every fell I don't know what I would do. But I still love to visit. I took Megan there because I wanted to show her what I have described to her over many many phone calls.

We went to Twin Peaks and I showed her one of my favorite views of the city. From this sidewalk you can see all of SF and at night it is a beautiful sight to be seen. Megan with her camera caught a lot of the beauty, but pictures could not show how I felt about being in one of my favorite places with a person I felt so much for and respected so deeply.

We kept talking - me living in SF and what I did there, why I love the city and where my favorite places are, what brought me to SF and just all the fun things about that city. I took her to another one of my favorite places, the Legion of Honor. Now I know that this story seems to be running along the same pattern, me showing her places and us talking, but you need to understand how wonderful this is for me. I have no clue what this girl is thinking about me, but she must like me cause she flew out here. I have no clue how to act because I want to treat her with respect and not be the guy I once was. She makes me be a better man. Her smile is what pushes me to have that as a desire. I know that the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for me are true because he has brought me her. So this is an amazing trip to my favorite places in SF, simply because it is her first time and it is me sharing something important with someone important.

Now we spent the rest of the night eating at great places and driving around the city with me acting as an expert tour guide. We went all over and saw so many things and I think she really loved it. It was special for me because she was there with me. No one else. The phone didn't ring. The texts didn't interfere it was just us, in my city. I was calm and at home and...what is that smell again!!!!!

We leave SF to meet up with Clinton in Palo Alto for yogurt.  Clint has met Megan before but since we have been talking he wants to talk to her some more.   I won't forget the look on Clinton’s face when I see him in Palo. He was sporting the “WTF are you wearing” look, and what is that smell?  We sit down to talk and at this point Megan is tuckered out. She is beat! It is about 11pm and waaaayyy past her bed time. I am thriving on this beautiful woman, great friends, yogurt and a long drive home.

Long story short (tooo late I know). Clinton reminds us to “keep your honor” and “don’t forget who you are” as he leaves and we had back to Monterey.  Megan slept the entire time on and off..and i sang.... so off key, but she smiled nevertheless. I kept singing and I think she pretended to be asleep so I might stop singing, but she was wrong...

We get back to Monterey and hit up the police department to give Ben the left overs from dinner. Yeah that's right, we drove and delivered food from 2 hours away. That is how we roll!!

Megan met Ben and she was on her game as usual. She made a great impression being half asleep and ready to rock at like 2 am her time.  We finished with Ben and went back to Pebble Beach. I dropped her off and thanked her for a great night.  I went home and realized that I had to be back up and at Pebble in 3 hrs. This was only the beginning to a long, but wonderful weekend with her.


 The drive to San Francisco went by so quickly.  Before I knew it the sun had set, and I could see the City set out in lights before me.  Because Chris had actually lived in San Francisco he easily navigated through the city, taking us to Twin Peaks to a great spot where we could look out over the city.  We parked, climbed out of the car, and stood looking out over the sparkling lights of San Francisco. Amazing and breath taking, and I was sharing it with Chris. He patiently pointed out all of the notable landmarks and I tried valiantly to capture them with my camera.

Next stop was Chris’s favorite Chinese food/Hunan restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown – Brandy Ho’s.  Smells, sounds, and atmosphere contributed to the very authentic experience – a romantic dinner (in a very crowded dinning room) with a cacophony of foreign noise from the open kitchen, scrumptious and spicy dishes, and Chris sitting across from me, smiling.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

After an unforgettable meal Chris had one more stop for us, the Legion of Honor.  It’s a beautiful building reminiscent of a Pantheon type structure.  Again, the view was amazing.  Chris seemed determined to show me the best of San Francisco.  The only thing missing was a little chocolate…he told me Ghirardelli’s was closed but he promised me another trip.

Unfortunately, my internal clock (with my blasted schedule) was telling me that it was very very late, way past my bedtime.  I think Chris recognized that and decided it was time for us to make the two hour trip back to Pebble Beach.  I’m probably a pretty lousy date, but I think I started nodding off before we got out of San Francisco.  I did wake up long enough to hear him talking on the phone to Clinton and the two of them made plans to meet up for frozen yogurt, after that I was out until Chris pulled off the freeway.

Quick recap of that little excursion – yogurt by the ounce, visit with Clinton, really cold outside, lots of laughs, good-byes with Clinton, climbing back into the car with the heater on and crashing again.  I do remember Chris telling me that he was going to stop at the Monterey Police Station to deliver our copious amounts of leftovers to his best friend.  We eventually did stop.  I barely had my eyes cracked open and I’m sure I left a great first impression.  Nevertheless, I did meet Ben for the first time at the station along with a few of his coworkers.

By the time Chris dropped me off at the Yellow House I could barely see straight I was so tired.  I remember a hug and then I was crawling into bed with a smile on my face after seeing that it was almost 1:00 am.  It had been one of the most fantastic days of my life.

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  1. My two cents...
    So I will point out at this point, I have *never* seen this this early in the courting process, outside of a first chance meeting with anybody. So it was naturally awkward for me to see Chris around a girl for the first time, no peacock feathers puffed up, no acting..more importantly no over-acting... What surprised me the most about Chris at this event of a greeting, was to see how comfortable he seemed. What surprised me about Megan? Surprisingly normal for someone who would take an interest in Chris, and then I remembered that this wasn't the Chris I might have expected to see either... Overall, the chemistry between the two of them was palpable. There seemed to be an open sense of understanding that really carried across their talking and sharing of their day in the big City.

    It thrilled me to see Chris glowing like that, and after our brief very sleep encounter, thrilled me to see that Megan seemed like she could sure go with the flow as Chris and I interacted as we always do after midnight.

    Megan: Welcome to the group, you complement Chris in a way I don't think I've ever seen before (excepting maybe Dave).

    Chris: You're all grows up and you're grows up and you're grows up.